Introduction to eyLog

eyLog – Early Years Log – is a tablet PC and web-based solution for nurseries and childcare providers to transform the process of recording observations, assessing a child’s progress and planning activities for the child.

eyLog significantly reduces the time spent on capturing/maintaining observations and managing the learning journey of a child manually; enabling practitioners to focus more on providing the best early years education to children – an ultimate aim of both nurseries and parents.

Benefits for Your Child and the Nursery

eyLog enables you to understand your child’s development on a more regular and real-time basis. Nurseries can share a child’s learning journey with you, increasing your involvement in the activities at the nursery. You receive a unique login on the system and are notified automatically by e-mail as soon as a new observation is published to your child’s learning journey or when any reports are shared with you by the nursery.

eyLog helps move away from the restrictions of a paper based learning journey by incorporating rich media (photos, videos and audios!). It helps you as a parent to have an immersive experience of what the child is doing in the nursery and the context in which your child is engaging in various activities, encouraging their overall growth and development.

eyLog makes it possible for you to contribute observations from home too! Be it something your child does for the first time or during a holiday/vacation, making the learning journey even more comprehensive and enabling ‘parents as partners in learning and development’ of a child in their early years.

The child’s online learning journey can be obtained on request from the nursery in the same rich HTML format on a DVD/USB or as a printed book for you to keep as a lifelong memory when the child moves on to another nursery or school.

Security in eyLog

Security is of key concern in a nursery environment and eyLog takes its security measures very seriously.  eyLog offers fully locked-down secure tablet devices to ensure they are not misused in any manner – Facebook, e-mails, etc., are all disabled on these specially configured high-security tablets. Each user has a separate user-ID and password and using a role-based access mechanism, a user is permitted to see only the information that is relevant for them.

eyLog uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt all communication between the server and the tablets. All data is stored on secure Cloud-based servers in data centres located here in UK. All data is regularly backed-up onto redundant systems.

Learning Journey

The Learning Journey is the electronic journal created by the nursery capturing the various activities achieved by the child during their time there. It shows the observations added by the nursery in reverse chronological order.

The title of each observation recorded by the nursery indicates the date, time and the person who observed it. An observation may also have photos, video clips and audio clips associated with it – all of which are accessible by clicking on the image/media icon. For additional details, click ‘Read More’ to open the observation details screen and scroll through the observation tabs.