Life Story Diary
Here at Dollymixtures we recognise the importance of each child’s family and the wonderfully rich experiences they provide for their children. We also value the importance of ensuring continuity between these experiences and those that we provide at nursery. It is because of this that we have introduced this life story diary. Your child’s key person will place special photos, comments, drawings and anecdotes concerning your child into the diary for you to share. All we ask is that you do the same! In this way we can together, build a unique view of your child’s life experiences, choices and development as they grow and learn.

This life story will help us as practitioners to create individual, unique yet shared experiences, for your child, that will help nurture their all round development. We already explore schemas as part of our observations, details of this can be found as additional information on the Smarties page. This may become part of your focus for your entries into the diary. However, what you place within the life story is your choice! The diary will then follow your child, alongside their profile, throughout their journey through Dollymixtures.