Outside Environment

Our garden

Weather Conditions

Hot weather / Spring & Summer conditions

During warm but wet conditions children will be encouraged to wear appropriate clothing i.e.: wellies, waterproof coats etc.

In very warm conditions children will wear sunhats and suncream provided from home. Tents and shade will be set up within the garden itself.

Water will be constantly available for children to drink and extra set drinks sessions will be timetabled to ensure that children have sufficient intake of fluids.

Under 1’s will remain indoors in very warm weather. 1-2 year olds outdoor play will be given special consideration and discussion.

Cold weather / Autumn & Winter conditions

During colder wetter weather children will be encouraged to wear appropriate clothing i.e. wellies, warm waterproof coats, Hats etc

During very cold weather Keyworkers and Management will assess the safety aspect of the daily temperature for both health and safety.

If it is considered suitable to play outdoors children will be encouraged to access the outside environment at their leisure

Under 1’s will remain indoors on very cold days. 1-2 year olds play will be given consideration and discussion.

Forest School

Dollymixtures aims to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive out door experiences giving children the opportunities to:

  • Explore the changes in seasons upon the environment
  • Children of all ages will be encouraged to take part in Dollymixtures Forest School Programme
  • Forest School provides a rich, stimulating environment, with the space and freedom to explore their own ideas

By recognising risks, and providing children with the necessary skills to combat them, we will provide positive child led experiences.