Preparing Your baby For Nursery

Dollymixtures recognises the significant impact that starting nursery has, not only for the child, but for their family too. We value the importance of ensuring continuity and try to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible. Effective techniques that parents have shared with us to prepare your child include:

  • Ensure that your child has experience of being cared for by someone other than yourselves. This can aid the settling-in process particularly when young babies of around 7-9 months sometimes develop stranger awareness.
  • If breast-feeding you are welcome to express milk or visit during your child’s day to feed. It is also beneficial to ensure that your child is able to take other fluids from a bottle or cup.
  • Please take advantage of our free settling in sessions. We offer 2 one-hour settling sessions. Further sessions can be booked to suit your family’s needs.
  • At nursery all babies are encouraged to rest and sleep in a cot. Staff will endeavour to settle your baby using techniques such as music, singing, stories and will avoid rocking or holding, whilst ensuring one-one security and comfort is provided.
  • If you are having problems with sleep or sleep patterns all staff are able to advise parents on other techniques that can be useful.