Dollymixtures is committed to providing a quality, experiential and educational atmosphere within the Nursery. Children experience a rich and rewarding environment, which encourages the enquiring and inquisitive behaviour that we feel, is essential to the modern developing young person. We recognise the importance of both individual and group developmental ideologies. To this end Dollymixtures has created, from our people resources and extensive experience, a balanced, yet dynamic, curriculum that is continually being enhanced through thoughtful development.

Learning and development are both extended via a wide variety of activities, encouraged in spontaneous, structured, group and individual based, play settings within the environment. We believe that our techniques are comprehensive, unique and progressive. Continuous observations made as the children play, are the foundation for our Individual Education Plans that follow and extend the development of every child within the nursery. All themes, observations, Long, Medium, and Short term Plans are referenced against the statutory and non-statutory standards set by the EYFS. In this way we are able to monitor the progress of every individual and develop our plans further, to ensure targeted needs are met.

Every child has their own individual Profile where these observations, and records are kept. This comprehensive record follows the child via their key person, through the nursery and ultimately onto school. Every day in Smarties children spend half an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon, with their Key Person in small groups. These sessions take place either indoors, outdoors, in the Messy Room, Library or the Big Room. During these times the children have activities set to enhance their next steps, providing small group and one to one interaction.

Yearly reports are given to all children and regular open evenings are held in order for you to discuss your child’s progress. At any time you can ask to look at any Observations, Profiles or IEP concerning your child. We actively encourage parents/carers input upon the IEP by providing a “comments from home” column, for achievements and anecdotes. Between the age of two and three years each child will be provided with a progress check, specifying information about the child’s development in the prime areas of learning and development of the EYFS.

Our themes are planned extensively and a list is given to parents at the beginning of each year. In this way parents / carers are kept informed of the topics to be covered and if they can help in any way with a theme. We would welcome any involvement whether providing boxes and cartons for Found Material Modelling or if they are able to help with information or “props” for our themes.

We are registered with Ofsted and are inspected in line with the EYFS. Copies of our most recent reports are available for your inspection. Please ask for a copy.


Can you notice these trends in your child?